Ipswich Indigenous Business Incubator Project

Project with the BEC in Ipswitch

Ipswich Indigenous Business Incubator Project

The Ipswich Indigenous Business Incubator is a collaborative project between John Pearson Consulting and the Business Enterprise Centre Ipswich Region to provide Indigenous small businesses in the Ipswich and greater Brisbane area with the support services that are required to ensure the successful incubation of these businesses.

The Ipswich Indigenous Business Incubator program will provide support to new business enterprises through the following:

  • Access to business hardware, systems and other resources e.g. computers, printers, wireless broadband, phones systems etc.
  • Full time access to a highly experienced business manager to support each business implement their business plan and strategic develop their business.
  • Professional reception and secretarial services promoting a corporate image
  • Access to fully serviced office space at reduced rent for the first two years of operation
  • Access to fully equipped training room and board room

Over the past years John Pearson Consulting has witnessed a number of Indigenous individuals and organisations with viable business concepts that never progressed past the planning stage. These individuals and organisations often possessed a highly successful business concept, had the skills and experience to deliver the service yet often lacked the resources to establish the enterprise. Some of the factors that hindered that business establishment have included a lack of business development support at the business establishment stage, lack of administration support, access to business resources, and access to specialist services, for example accounting and bookkeeping support.

The target group of Indigenous businesses under this program would be those that fall in the micro-enterprise category (1-5 employees). Although this will be a focus of the incubator there won't be a limitation to only supporting mirco-enterprises.

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