Djamgah Learning Circle

An enhanced learning environment for Indigenous learners

Djamgah Learning Circle

The Djamgah Learning Circle is a concept developed by John Pearson after a culmination of four years of trials and pilot programs which identified a successful training model that would ensure higher retention and completion rates, greater learner engagement, and attraction of a larger number of Indigenous learners.

The term Djamgah (pronounced jum-gar) is a word from the Kabi Kabi language (local language group of the Sunshine Coast) which means messenger; referring to the giving and receiving of a message, and is used in this context  to refer to the giving and receiving of new skills, abilities and understandings.

Djamgah does not operate from one building or in one location, instead its identifying features can be established anywhere, at any time. The identifying features include familiar Indigenous staff who welcome students; Welcome to Country for all new student groups; Djamgah banners at the entrance to a training location; the Djamgah logo clearly visible on team members and learning resources; use of learning resources which have been approved by the Governance team as culturally appropriate; and, staff who have received Cultural Awareness Training before they deliver training in a classroom.

The first Djamgah Learning Circle program was delivered to 18 Indigenous students based at Bunyabilla in Bray Park. These students completed a dual qualification of a Certificate IV in Business and a Certificate IV in Governance.

John Pearson Consulting and its partners continue to deliver the Djamgah Learning Circle program to Indigenous students throughout Queensland in Aged Care, Disabilities, Business, Health, Community Services, Governance, and Workplace Health and Safety to name a few.

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