15th Dec 2014

Emerging Managers Training

At JPC we firmly believe that it is important to invest in your team to help them grow both personally and professionally.  Part of that commitment means that as a group we are constantly looking at ways we can train and upskill our team.  In December 2014 a number of the JPC team members attended an Emerging Managers training program

The program is designed for team members who are looking at making the transition to leadership and existing managers seeking to change their approach to managing people.

To lead and inspire is crucial to being a successful manager, and we want our team to take their first steps towards developing their management capabilities.

We are hoping that some of the outcomes for individual team members might be accelerated development of leadership skills to step up into a management role, learning how to coach for performance and development of their teams, build a variety of leadership skills that can be adapted, enhance personal resilience and understand the importance of ethics and integrity within our organisation.

The emerging managers program is also important for us an organisation as we want to support team members to transition to team leader/manager and increase the likelihood of career success.  We want to empower new managers, give them the tools they need to succeed and plan for ongoing development, drive growth and innovation of the business

We are so proud of the team at JPC, the passion and commitment they show on a daily basis is simply worth investing in.

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