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Vocational Training & Employment Centre


July 2014 - December 2015


Central Queensland

Program overview

IndigenousWorkstars specialises in the placement ofAboriginal andTorres Strait Islander people into employment and training across an array of industries and communities throughout Australia. Indigenous Workstars offers a range of services for both jobseekers and employers.

In recognition of the services we provide both job seekers and employers, Indigenous Workstars' parent company, John Pearson Consulting, has been awarded one of a select few VTEC contracts throughout Australia for a range of industries.

The VTEC initiative is part of the Australian Government's commitment to deliver real and positive change for Indigenous Australians.The five components of VTEC services are:


As a jobseeker moves through these five stages, their progression is strongly supported by Indigenous Workstars. While we are responsive to the specific needs of Indigenous communities and employers, Indigenous Workstars follows the five stage process to ensure job seekers are equipped and empowered to begin a meaningful career.
VTECs operate with the support and involvement of local Indigenous communities and their leaders, and are aligned to the values and needs of both Indigenous communities and employers.

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