Completed Programs

Developing a Business Plan for the Indigenous Leadership Program


April 2012 - November 2012


Melbourne, Victoria

Program overview

This Project is designed to support ILNV by developing a Business Plan for the Indigenous Leadership Program and the implantation of further fee-for-service products across the business. This project will also incorporate the development of a website and marketing brochures to assist ILNV with the initial marketing activities for promoting the Indigenous Leadership course. ILNV have determined the business plan for the Indigenous Leadership Program as the key priority at this stage and will discuss the strategic plan further at the completion of this project.

This business plan will focus on the activities that ILNV will need to undertake to ensure the successful establishment of the new Leadership Program. The plan will include:

  • Strategic Focus – Vision, Purpose, SWOT, Goals, Strategies and Tasks
  • Operational Plan – Risk Management plan, Resource plan (including a business systems and process review and identifying key regulation requirements), Workforce Plan (including succession planning), Organisational Governance
  • Marketing Plan – Review of stakeholder perceptions, development of overall marketing approach, goals and strategies, identify current and future stakeholders and strategic partners
  • Financial Plan – Organisational Budget & Cash-flow, Profit and Loss, 12 month projected Balance Sheet, review of current and future funding sources and requirements

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